The Problem With Prophesying World Events, Politics & The Future For Psychics

Psychic Reality Checks

When I first started my Psychic career, I had some very interesting and premature ideas about sensing the future and what I could tune in to. I grew up watching world-famous psychics and mediums such as Sylvia Browne, John Edwards and the like on tv shows and pay-per-view specials, and always wanted to be just like them. I could remember episodes of The Montel Williams Show where Sylvia would accurately predict the exact name of murder suspects and historical occupants of haunted properties. It would blow me away and I could not understand how something so precise could be sensed.

Years later as I began to build my career and profession in the Psychic world, it was apparent that sensing these levels of details would not come easy. Part of the reason why I got such a late re-start in this field is that I was expecting precise details to drop into my head like one of Beyonce’s random songs on the web. I thought that I would just know things and that turned into a process of trial and error that has taken many years to refine through my ongoing desire to develop. Having humility and knowing that you don’t know everything can be an edge in this industry. You can still sense a lot if you keep pushing yourself past your comfort level. This has been such an important practice for me as a professional Psychic Medium. It has really given me the ability to polish my skills in ways I never thought possible. I can see my potential inching closer and closer to the iconic Psychics of my past.

Still, I ran into some important teaching moments along this journey by making global and public predictions that I’d like to share with you. Perhaps in understanding these typical hangups that happen for every psychic, you’ll have a clearer understanding of how complex the process can be for sensing the future.

My First Public World Predictions: What I Got Right & What I Got Wrong

In 2014 and 2015, I tried my hand at making a few random predictions regarding a variety of topics. Some of those did, in fact, come to pass while others, not so much. Regardless, I learned a lot and today I really do hold caution with making any sort of major world prediction unless I begin to sense things around the event. Then I have to have enough details and pieces that allow me to make a pretty good “psychic assumption” about what may happen. Here are a few you can find on my pro Facebook page.

The 2014 Ebola Epidemic

In 2014, Ebola had begun to ravage areas of the world, including West Africa. There was a concerted effort to find a vaccine that would save lives and prevent further infection in the most vulnerable populations. I decided to try my psychic hand and tune in to the situation to see if I could sense any significant information. I was able to sense some detail around how a vaccine would be developed for this particular illness and even gave some information on the time frame I thought a vaccine would be arriving. Later in 2014, a New York Times article revealed some really interesting information about the ebola virus and the search for the vaccine. This was followed up by other news in sequential years. Today, scientists are pretty confident that they have that vaccine and the way it works seems to back up some of my initial psychic impressions. It’s interesting to note that some of what I sensed seems to also resemble aspects and the makeup of Covid-19 or the Corona Virus. Though I’m not sure if they are the same kinds of protein details.

Historic Legal Win In The Battle For LGBTQ Equal Rights

2015 was an incredible year for the LGBTQ community. It was the year that the U.S. came through for people like me and made it the law of the land that our marriages would be recognized throughout all 50 states.

Deadly 2017 Las Vegas Home-Grown Terrorist Shooting

In July of 2017, I had a dream about a terrorist incident involving bombs at a show venue in Nevada. I didn’t realize the significance of the dream until a few short months later when my nightmare became a reality. The day after the dream, I recorded a YouTube video discussing the details of my vision and trying to make sense of it. You can watch the time-stamped original video on YouTube here. Something that I have noticed in many of my dream prophecies that become realities is that I seem to experience the event from the perspective of someone present during the event. This is an ongoing theme that I’ve learned to recognize and take as an indicator that it may be more than just a bad dream.

Houston Real Estate Market Changes

We had some housing sale fluctuations in the real estate market in 2015. I went into detail with this on Facebook and though I may have been a bit off by the time frame of my prediction, the overall trend is still valid.

Other World Predictions Made In Private

There have been other world predictions I’ve made and shared in the presence of family members and friends that are also verified. This includes the 2015 Paris Terrorist Attacks, the 2016 deadly Pulse night club shooting & also details regarding the 2014 Malaysia airliner that was suspected to be shot down by a Russian missile. I still remember my regular Starbucks customer, a conservative Christian, walking in and jokingly calling me a prophet after hearing the news on tv. I had shared my “guess” with him in detail, when he asked me what I thought after the first Malaysia crash, only to find out that the second crash months later had been caused by a suspected missile. Though I did not make these predictions publicly, they still count, given their testimony and experience with me regarding each circumstance.

The Predictions I Totally Bombed

To my knowledge, this acquisition of a low-cost carrier has never occurred, nor do I expect it to since it’s five years overdue. And with the current state of the airline industry, because of the economic impacts of Covid-19, I would not anticipate a change in United’s buying potential. Typically when I sense, have a dream or premonition about future events, it tends to take place within 1–2 years of the date sensed.

This is also another circumstance that has not come to pass to my knowledge. I made a lot of world event predictions in 2014–2016. I must admit that my need to post public world predictions during that period was largely due in part to an incessant need to fuel my ego. Whether most psychics will admit this or not, we want to feel special and long for our skills and “gift” to be validated publicly. The opportunity to be famous, to be someone special, and the next Theresa Caputo or Tyler Henry is intoxicating and can be crippling to the development of one’s psychic ability. It is a big hurdle to overcome and still seems to be a challenge for most of the Psychics and Mediums I’ve met.

It has taken me several years to get this struggle in check and to reorientate the bulk of my work to the authentic need to just be of service and help people. Now and then I have that ego tug, but I have to take a moment and remember that even with my many wins, there are also plenty of failures and all because of my ego trips or lack of sensing objectivity.

How Objectivity Plays Such A Primary Role In Psychic Predictions

I think one of the most important lessons I’ve learned in sensing the future for anyone or around anything, is that I must have a healthy sense of objectivity. Without it, I might as well give up on being a good Psychic Medium. Recently, I released a video on my YouTube channel (you can watch here) where I discuss how important objectivity is and why most psychics can not predict their own futures or sense details around matters that they have an invested interest in.

This is one of the main reasons why so so many psychics incorrectly predicted the outcome of the 2016 Presidential Election between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. They couldn’t stay objective and their own biases and preferences for a winner got in the way. As I’ve detailed in the image below, the easiest details to sense are those the psychic has less of a personal interest or investment in. The more invested you are in the narrative or outcome, the less accurate you become. So it’s a hell of a lot easier to stay objective and less invested with strangers than for friends, family and especially for yourself. I care too much about my own future, so I can’t really see it all that well.

For years, I would hear other professional psychics say that the “Gift” is meant for others but not for us. That answer wasn’t good enough for me and I needed something more solid to base that determination on. After many years of doing this work professionally, it’s become obvious that this selective “Gift” is, in fact, due to the varying degrees of personal objectivity. It does get better the more you can compartmentalize various situations and events in your head, but if you really do care about the outcome, then forget about being accurate. This is why many of the prophetic visions I’ve had around emotionally charged and tragic events have been in my dream state. My predominant mental processes and thought patterns are, for the most part, in a resting state during sleep. This opens the door for my psyche to pick up on significant emotional energy patterns that affect many people in the world, especially in the United States.

Even with this unconscious edge (which doesn’t really make for a good night’s rest), I don’t always realize what I’m sensing until events begin to unfold in the waking world. Major world events that seem impossible and unlikely will also escape most psychics, as our mental realm of possibility is limited to our everyday experiences. There’s something to be said about psychic conditioned reality sensing blockages. So, lay off the psychics who didn’t sense 9/11 or Covid-19. It’s just too crazy to enter into our mind’s realm of possibilities.

Upcoming 2020 Political Potentials & Prophetic Dreams

Last year, I had a dream that seemed to confuse me as I could not understand the significance or what it meant for our country. In March of 2019, I woke up reeling from a very disturbing nightmare about a racially charged event surrounding the exit of the current U.S. President Donald Trump. Here is what I originally posted on Social Media and I’ll expand a bit more into other details I did not originally include.

Some of the details I did not mention in my original post is that in my dream, Donald Trump had seemingly lost his position of power as President. I don’t know if this meant that he had lost the election or something had happened which led to him being on high alert and worried that he would be forced out of office and the White House. When he was on the roof with the military men who had assault rifle-looking weapons, he had turned to them and asked them to shoot at the crowd. They refused as it was American citizens they would be shooting at. So, he got frustrated and took one of their guns to begin shooting into the crowd himself.

At the time of the dream, and even today, I don’t believe he would bring himself to act directly in this way. However, I had a thought at the time that it could represent many of the people who have become radicalized in their political views and methodology, and are willing to take up arms to fight the president’s fight for him. With the latest turn of events, it is within the realm of possibility that some of these people will take their ability to use assault-style weapons to force change, assume power and make a point to the furthest limits they are allowed to. I am not saying that American citizens who are legally protesting are all extremists or out for blood, but it’s reasonable to assume that there are extremist minds within the crowds and all it takes is one gunshot and a lot of confusion to create a recipe for disaster.

I’m sure many people may be thinking that I’m some uber-liberal (which is true in many positions) who’s anti-gun and against the second amendment. But, as a responsible gun owner myself, I understand and appreciate the basic need to defend myself. As an American of Mexican heritage, who’s obviously an effeminate gay man and a public Psychic Medium, I’m sure you can understand my position. You can take the boy out of Texas but you can’t take the Texas out of the boy. I believe in the good of mankind, but I’m no stranger to our stupidity as a race of beings with a history of violence, abuse, ignorance and domination. In my opinion, self-defense is one thing — and a basic need — we are entitled to. Using the threat of violence and intimidation with a show of artillery is an entirely different thing and not a good strategy for positive change and cooperation.

An Unintentional Counter-Protest Effort Is Rising

The events of the last couple of weeks have started to really grab my attention, and with the growing number of radical groups threatening to bring about a new civil war, these scenarios becoming increasingly possible. I’m beginning to see elements of my dream appear in everyday news coverage and now I’m becoming particularly worried that we may see a showdown between the ideological sides of our human and American family.

With the death of Ahmaud Arbery and the increasing marches to raise awareness and calls for justice, I’m worried that this will come together to form clashes and violent scenarios in major cities and around government facilities — especially as we get closer and closer to our 2020 Presidential Election. I would hope to be wrong and that I’m just being paranoid, but this year has been one for the history books, and the Covid-19 event has brought to the surface many hidden truths, struggles and fears that have been gradually increasing since the 2016 Election.

From my philosophical stand point, the way forward is to learn to listen to each other and to work together to find common ground and do what’s best for all, not just for some. We are all human and we have the right to the same basic needs. Religious ideology, xenophobia, partisanism or tribalism is not an effective form of maintaining peace and building a cooperative, compassionate, inspiring and enlightened culture or civilization. If we want to heal from the trauma of divisiveness, then it’s going to take behavior and actions in support of unity to bring back a sense of balance and civility amongst our people. I think the saddest part of all of this is that we no longer trust each other and have become so paranoid to even trust the facts that allow us to progress in evolution as a species.

It’s obvious that a great many people are waking up, and they are hungry for truth and information that exposes what has been hidden. Unfortunately, when there is not enough evidential information to go around, we tend to reach for any patterns or pieces of information that support the narrative of some truth — hence the overwhelming support of Covid-19 conspiracies floating around. One thing that I have learned and continue to try to practice in my psychic work is that one piece of information does not make a story.

A common mistake untrained or complacent psychics make is storytelling. The intuitive gets so happy when they pick up on one accurate detail, that they tend to embellish or build an entire story and narrative around it. I’ve seen this time and time again over the years, and it rarely turns out the way they “imagined”. I learned this during my time studying with respected professional Psychic Detective Pam Coronado. She always made us focus on the details and not on the story our mind was trying to make up. This simple but effective technique was the thing that most transformed my accuracy rate in everyday readings.

It takes several pieces of sensed detail to come up with a logical assumption, and even then, predictions are not bulletproof. I still have to weigh carefully the significance of my words. I would love my work to be all about love and light, but there’s a reason why we are human and have both positive and negative emotions. Fear and pain can also be a catalyst for transformation and change. We can use these fears to shift the trajectory of our paths if we simply acknowledge the power we have as people to create or destroy. In working with Pam, I learned these emotions can also be a useful tool for sensing detail in the most emotionally extreme cases.

One Final Word About The 2020 Election

I have intentionally avoided making any kind of prediction around the 2020 Presidential Election. As I have explained, it gets increasingly difficult to predict an event with absolute certainty, and even more so when you care about the outcome. Last week, I had a call with a client in which I was discussing her career path and the changes that I saw around her work situation. I usually read for about 20 minutes, sharing my perceptions, without asking for any validating information or discussing details with the clients: Let me get out what I’m seeing first, then we can go back over, establish context and make sense of the data. That’s my style and it has served me well.

On this particular call, I mentioned to my client that her company/work situation would see major changes. It felt like the CEO of the company would be leaving or get pushed out. This was due in part to the mishandling of company finances and potential misconduct. There would be a new boss and CEO stepping in who would bring about a lot of changes and the organization would go through a lot of restructuring. There would be five essential components or areas of the organization and all would go through this same restructuring. I also saw the company going through an expansion mode in the following years where there would be new big projects and programs that would create a lot of opportunities for new jobs and it would help bring a lot of stability.

I also mentioned that my client’s company would have a lot to do with changes to laws and would be involved with the government or have ties to government organizations — whatever was happening with the government would affect my client’s work as well. As I completed the life analysis for my client, I was made aware that my client works for the government and the CEO of their organization is essentially Donald J. Trump. I don’t know if this is an accurate prediction for a change in government and if you’d ask me, I’d still tell you I really don’t know. But, this is the first real piece of information that I’ve sensed recently that gives credibility to this likelihood. Coupled with my dream, this may be indicative of a bigger shakeup to come. I just hope the threat of violence remains in my nightmares and that I’m dead wrong about my civil conflict prediction. The last thing we need is another civil war after the trauma of Covid-19.

For more information about my work, check out my website

Ferny also offers a free Psychic Development Video Course and One-On-One Psychic/Mediumship Mentorship, which you can find on his website.




Most people call me Ferny. Connecting with Spirit and Channeling higher knowledge is my life’s work. May these articles help you on your own spiritual journey.

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Fernando Marron

Fernando Marron

Most people call me Ferny. Connecting with Spirit and Channeling higher knowledge is my life’s work. May these articles help you on your own spiritual journey.

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