How To Unlock The Coded Messages From Our Higher Self Within Our Dreams.

Fernando Marron
6 min readMar 2, 2021

One of the most common tools for communication from our higher self is through dreams. That is because we are most open, vulnerable and receptive when we shift to that state of consciousness in sleep and can be easily influenced and affected. Dreams can mean many things to many people but what I have come to understand from my own experience and from the experience of interpreting the dreams of my clients is that dreams are designed to communicate things to our conscious mind through emotion and symbolism.

2020’s Psychological Impact On Our Established Human Character

In 2020 I got a chance to dive deep into the consciousness of different people from various walks of life through one of the services I offer called a “Dream Analysis”. With this service, people essentially have me interpret a dream for them. My interpreting process is based in a similar process I use as a Psychic Medium. I examine the dream using the same methodology I use when communicating with Spirits or when analyzing psychic data during client readings. It’s been really fascinating being able to do this because it’s allowed me to peer into the looking glass and understand better the relationship between the subconscious mind and our waking conscious mind.

Repeatedly in 2020 we had do deal with some really crazy BS because of chaotic world events. It was an ongoing onslaught of various forms of trauma for most people. If we weren’t’ struggling with the political climate then we were struggling with heightened racial and civil discord. And if it wasn’t the civil discord and racial inequalities then it was the lockdowns and pandemic. And though these challenges continue to exist within varying degrees, they were heavily amplified in 2020 and it forced many of us to take stock and often self examine. Unique situations brought about change within us as we questioned our personal, societal norms and in many cases, reinvented ourselves in form when our core nature didn’t align with causes, family, friends or individual perspectives. People had to adapt and change quite often in reaction to the day’s news stories or social media posts.

It was during this period that I noticed the dreams people were having didn’t always align to who they were choosing to be and in some instances flat out went against the person’s conscious choices and posturing. Some individuals who aligned themselves to a cause or set of beliefs would begin having dreams that would act as a mirror in many ways and show them who they actually were beneath the ideas they held and that they were not who they were choosing to be in their actions or responses. Their dream’s symbolism would go further and explain this by dismantling the conscious logic of the dreamer’s waking state position. It would go on to then affirm the actual realty of the situation and real world event in comparison to what the person had chosen to believe in.

It was fascinating to say the least and pretty clear that the dream itself wasn’t just a random set of images and emotional experiences from the subconscious. It was instead operating as if it were a wise friend in that person’s life and was giving the dreamer themself advice about their own choices, often times offering a better perspective to have. It guided the individual into a belief or perspective which could potentially offer more personal peace, happiness and in some instances a solution to the problem. This was incredible to witness, and has affirmed further, for me, that we are constantly bombarded with opportunities to evolve and understand from our lives with the assistance of our higher self, guides and Source being.

How To Figure Out What Your Dream Means

To better understand what is being communicated to you from your dreams, you’ll need to first dissect it and break it apart into sections. Every symbol or experience in a dream means something. Let’s say you have a dream. In this dream you’re trying to start your car and it won’t start. You get frustrated in the dream because you’re running late for work and decide to just walk there. You do so by walking on the freeway in the dream. As you walk on the freeway, there are cars swerving left and right and you begin to scream as one heads directly for you. Then you wake up.

Now I’ll show you how you can begin to interpret the hidden message here that’s really not so hidden. First we will need to split the dream up into sections and parts so as to interpret each symbolically. Granted, I have a lot of experience deciphering symbols, analogies and metaphors so that gives me an advantage, but you can still interpret your own dreams in a valuable way. I don’t count on dream books for the simple fact that different people have different associations for signs and symbols.

For example, what’s the first thought you have when I mention “red apple”? Personally my first thought is of Snow White and the seven dwarfs when she ate a poisoned red apple. However, you might instead have the thought of making an apple pie. Someone else might think about teachers in school, and so on and so on. To assume that a dream symbol meaning can be broadly applied to all of us is more of a metaphysical fallacy that has sold many a dream bibles.

The first part of our sample dream was of you trying to start your car and it not starting. A automobile is a vehicle that get’s us from point A to point B. It helps us move forward and cross distances. So if your vehicle won’t start in the dream and you’re frustrated then it’s logical to assume that it could mean your ability to move forward in life or achieve a goal, distance… to get somewhere may not be working for you. The next part of the dream was about getting frustrated and being late for work. That could indicate that you’re frustrated because your attempt to achieve goals, get opportunities or do what you were desiring to do with your career isn’t working for you. That you may feel that you don’t have everything you need to achieve your goal and desire.

It could also mean that you don’t feel that you’re set up for success at your job and that their expectations are impractical and you are unable to meet them since you don’t have to tools or resources needed to achieve them. Right there in that scene exist at least two potential meanings depending on what your real life situation is about.

The third scene in your dream about you deciding to walk anyway, getting on the freeway with swerving cars and you screaming when one heads directly for you could indicate you are intent on achieving your goal despite the obvious risk. Even if you’re not prepared for the situation you’d be facing, you force yourself into a situation that is dangerous and sets you up to fail. This part could also indicate that you may think you’re prepared and can still achieve what your intent is in your career or business plan, but you’re not. You instead neither have the tools ( A working path, model or established platform) to get there.

Nor do you acknowledge the obvious risk of suffering the potential catastrophe your real life situation is presenting to you. So if you were in the process of starting your own biz and had chosen to open despite obvious challenges in the business model and had this dream. I’d tell you that you better think about it and rework your plan cause you’re higher self is telling you “No Ma’am!”.

This is just one example of how our dreams work. We have other forms of dreams which serve as psychological releases of our inner fears, worries and personal demons. But often times our dreams really can give us some invaluable insight and a chance to understand ourselves and life choices better. They can help us evolve wisely along our established path and guide us more effectively to beneficial courses of action within our lives circumstances.

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