How Meditation Can Actually Prevent You From Being Psychic

Meditate, meditate, meditate

When I first began to push myself to develop my psychic ability, the number one suggestion I saw recommended time and time again was to meditate. It got to a point where it was the only tool or method teachers were teaching; by meditating, somehow you’ll flip a switch in your head and suddenly be a good psychic. Ha! This could not be further from the truth. There certainly are people who have spontaneously developed psychic ability through meditation practices, but just because you’ve activated your psi ability doesn’t mean you’ll achieve its full potential.

I meditated for years trying to suddenly be psychic- it was repeatedly emphasized as the key to developing my intuition and I bought into that. There were days I’d spend three or four hours at a stretch in deep meditation. I’d always emerge groggily and feeling out of touch with physical reality. I expected that any day I would start having flashes of insight that would completely blow me away. There were dozens of different meditation techniques I tried out, hoping one would be the key to unlocking the potential within my mind. Though I did start having more detailed and active dreams, that magical psychic “Aha” moment never came. I didn’t understand why or what was blocking me from achieving the psychic sensing pinnacle I’d been lead to believe would someday come.

It Started With A Friendly Kick In The Butt

One evening, my friend, Lawrence, called me up and asked me what I was doing. We hadn’t spoken in several days, so he was curious about what I had been up to. I mentioned to him that I’d been meditating for hours each day, trying to develop and awaken my psychic ability. Though I hadn’t had any breakthroughs, he was eager to catch up and gossip, so instead of letting me get back to my meditating, he decided to find out just how useful my sudden obsession had become. He attempted to test me and my “psychic ability”. Mmm… One thing you should know (and which I’ve found universally true with almost every Psychic and Medium) is that we hate — absolutely HATE — being tested. We are never mentally prepared for it and unless we’ve had enough experience and training, we will most certainly shut down and flop. It’s the quickest way to trigger the ego’s survival mechanism and the ego is an intuition saboteur.

I started at Lawrence with my excuses for why I couldn’t do it. I wasn’t “psychic” yet. What if I was wrong? I hadn’t had any formal training. I didn’t have any certifications. I wasn’t an expert. “Blah, blah, blah” is all he heard and he proceeded to back me into a corner. “You’re either psychic or your not. Doesn’t hurt to try,” he responded in a bid to convince me it was worth my effort. Despite my obvious discomfort, I decided to step outside of my comfort zone and past the mental ego block that was burgeoning by the second. What happened next left me both amazed and confused, and also started me on my Professional Psychic sensing path.

A Name. All I Need Is A Name…

Lawrence asked me to give him the name of someone he worked with. After all, he hadn’t mentioned much to me in our regular conversations about the coworkers at his new job. So, he thought it was a good way to gauge my ability to “tune in.” As I felt the level of expectation build from his direct and specific question, my brain progressed into a processing and ego-centric frenzy. But, I pushed past that and just opened my mouth and shared the first thing that came to mind. The name that came forth in my awareness was “Cassandra.” The response of shock and excitement from my friend was immediate and I could tell Lawrence was caught off guard and impressed. He mentioned to me that his boss’s daughter was named Cassandra and she had visited his work earlier in the day. I was taken aback as well because I didn’t expect to get anything, so to get that kind of precise detail was encouraging to say the least. After that came more and more questions and before I knew it, Lawrence had handed me over to his coworker who wanted an impromptu reading. You can imagine what I was feeling at that point! Not only had I just pulled off some weird and surprising “coincidence,” but now I was being asked to give a complete stranger a psychic reading. Four letter words were definitely appropriate at that moment.

The impromptu reading seemed to be a success as well and the next day I got a call from another stranger. And then another two after that. And then those two told a few friends and within a few weeks, I had a following with people calling at all hours of the day and night. It was kinda cool, but also freaking insane! Granted, I’m sure that the readings being free had something to do with it, but it began my path as a pro and though I had a few stumbles and falls after that, it really was the beginning of my career.

The Meditation Trap That Most Aspiring Psychics & Mediums Get Stuck In

Though I had started off strong, I soon fell into a rut after receiving two nasty critiques from a couple of people who did not like me or what I had to say to them about their futures. Back then, I had absolutely zero confidence, self-esteem and was super sensitive to criticism. After all, I was a conditioned people-pleaser and anything other than “you are amazing” or “ you are special and loved” just felt like a slap to my psyche I couldn’t handle. I denounced my newfound abilities and didn’t get a chance to develop them further or understand how I was even doing what I was doing.

It took me another 15 years before I was able to find my psychic self again and rebuild what I had carelessly thrown away. This time, however, it was not as easy to activate my 6th sense and I had to bust my ass to get back to my former glory. Something that became abundantly clear on my second go was that meditation was not having the same effect on my psychic senses as it had before. I did the same thing and tried meditating for hours and hours a day with no real change to my sensitivity level. I’d try to tune in, wait for something to emerge within my imagination, but was getting nothing. I could not switch off the chatterbox in my head constantly going and going like the old Energizer battery commercials. That monkey mind of craziness that fixated on my day’s activities and experiences was a block and no matter what technique I tried, I could not get it to shut up. It was soo annoying. Not only that, but my taste for meditation and feeling emotionally detached had also changed and I just didn’t care to do it that often.

I felt like I was missing out on life and none of the Psychics or Mediums I looked up to seemed to be obsessive meditators. They just got in their heads and did it and were great. So, for me there was a crucial piece to the puzzle that I was missing and hadn’t figured out yet. It wasn’t until I read Rebecca Rosen’s book, Spirited, that I realized maybe I was going about this all wrong.

Monkey Mind Or Spirit Communication?

Rebecca Rosen was an intuitive newcomer to the scene during this period of my life. Growing in popularity, she was a spirit communicator or Medium by nature and shared her journey from healing her eating disorder through coping with her father’s and grandmother’s suicides. One of her strategies for coping was through journaling and she described having imaginary conversations with her deceased loved ones in her writings. She shared aspects of her process of sorting through the different thoughts in her mind and how there were subtle differences she noticed in the way information would come forward and reveal itself.

The idea of journaling or automatic writing is not a new one in the psychic and mediumship world, but the concept of using your thoughts instead of pushing them away felt really radical to me. I had read repeatedly over the years that in order to receive messages and psychic insight, we had to shut down our “monkey mind” or thinking mind completely. If we didn’t, then we’d never be receptive enough to the universal knowledge and messages at our fingertips. Once I made this connection and opened up to the possibility that I could actually be shutting down the flow of insight through my meditation practices, my psychic ability pulled a complete 180. I suddenly found myself paying extra attention to my “monkey mind,” the stream of thoughts and information that were running through my brain daily. Once I began, suddenly there it was staring at me in the face. The actual stream of awareness and consciousness that contained intuitive data and spirit communication.

Suddenly Seeking Chatty Cathy

Around this time in my life, as I began to pay more and more attention to my thoughts, emotions and memories, I also began the practice of Reiki at the urging of a friend. Every time I would touch a client to perform the therapy on them, my thoughts and emotions would shift. It was very subtle at first, but obviously not my own. There was information in there waiting to be deciphered and unpacked with each client, and I spent the next few years of my life understanding these differences and my new level of psychic sensing. It eventually evolved into spirit communication and I have been building my skillset up ever since.

I’ve honestly become a master at paying attention to what is going on in my mind. So much so that when I’m not working, I tend to just mentally check out because being thought-centric can be too much sometimes. For me, checking out is sort of a default meditation practice that occurs when I’m off the clock and especially when I’m out hiking in the mountains of New Mexico. But, when I am on the clock, I pay lots of attention to what’s flowing through my mind and I’ve noticed a few trends or patterns that seem to overlap if I’m not astute enough to catch them.

If you haven’t already read into the story of my first psychic experience with my spirit guide Cathleen, you should know that she’s been one of the driving forces for my development. I truly believe she saved my life during my first major psychic experience with foreseeing a kitchen fire in our home. I’ve trusted and felt a special gratitude for her help and support, and her guidance and communication has always been there, subtle and always in the form of my own inner conscious voice. Though I’m not always aware of her communication, because I still have a functioning Ferny ego, it’s become more apparent when she’s trying to get my attention as I developed.

Her “frequency” represents just one of several mental, thought, and energy patterns that have become obvious to me — one of many that make up our “monkey mind.” The first pattern I’ve recognized is the basic thought wave. Usually, this is instinctual thinking based on reactions and circumstances we encounter in our everyday lives. I characterize this as our ego-mind. It wants to exist and its sole purpose is to protect or sustain us as individuals. After this pattern, there is the conceptual frequency that seems to hold a sprinkling of universal knowledge and understanding. I think of this as the “idea mind” — where my human experience merges with expanded knowledge and tries to bring everything into a form or structure that I can understand. This is also where symbols, meaning and memory become engaged. After the idea mind, there is the pattern I associate with Spirit Communication Frequency. This is the human, emotional pattern of personality, camaraderie and relationship. Still within the spectrum of thought, emotion and memory, but disconnected from the Instinctual Mind Frequency, it’s at the edge of abstract thinking.

Just above that spectrum is the pattern that I associate with guides and higher beings. The height of this range is where my Asha’s frequency resides and just below that is Cathleen, the energy persona I know as my Spirit Guide. Beings from this frequency tend to communicate in more direct and cohesive form. They are less symbolic in meaning with their messaging, unlike spirit personalities and it’s easier for them to share complete knowledge and ideas. It’s also much simpler to align the message they have to the speech and communication centers of the brain. They don’t need to use our human perspective to get their point across. The point is universal and expansive, and applies to our whole human collective. It’s less about the individual human or personality experience and more in accord with the collective experience of our energy species.

That kind of connection does occur within the deeper forms or frequencies of relaxation and meditation. In that state, the individual personality is essentially stepping aside and away from engagement with the physical faculties and body. So, by being less involved structurally with the body, the mind is easier to affect and utilize. For the bulk of the work I do as a professional Psychic and Medium, it’s critical that I have an understanding of those more active brain or awareness patterns in my mind. I have to access and use thoughts, emotions and memories consistently during sessions and I can’t afford to be checked out or in some form of passive meditation. My thoughts’ correlating data collection process is key to understanding and making sense of energy that is associated with others. Without being aware of those specific patterns and having spent years making sense of them, I wouldn’t be able to do as good a job sensing details as I am today.

My final words of wisdom to those of you meditating the shit out of yourselves in an attempt to be more psychic, is to pay more attention to your thoughts. Learn to recognize the subtle differences and patterns that exist within your mental spectrum. Meditation will only get you so far and though it can help you get sensitive enough to notice the subtitles within your thinking processes, it can not make you a good psychic and data analyzer. If I have learned anything that has made the biggest difference in my work is that it’s all in the details. So, pay attention to your thoughts, emotions and memories, and use them to your intuitive advantage. The more you embrace them, the better and more precise you’ll become as a genuine Psychic and Medium.

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Most people call me Ferny. Connecting with Spirit and Channeling higher knowledge is my life’s work. May these articles help you on your own spiritual journey.

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Fernando Marron

Fernando Marron

Most people call me Ferny. Connecting with Spirit and Channeling higher knowledge is my life’s work. May these articles help you on your own spiritual journey.

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